Monthly archives: September, 2018

Microchipping for cats and dogs

Microchipping for Cats and Dogs Microchipping is the most effective way of being reunited with your cat or dog in case they go missing. Losing a pet is stressful and incredibly upsetting, which is why microchipping is extremely important, to give your pet the best chance of returning home safely. While cats and dogs can [...]

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Dog health checklist | How to check your dog’s general health

Dog health checklist It can be difficult to understand when your dog is unwell. You see them every day, and as they can’t tell you that they’re feeling under the weather, it makes it particularly tricky for dog owners to be able to check on their dog’s health. While you may visit your vet occasionally [...]

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Cat health checklist | How to check your cat’s general health

Cat health checklist Cats are very good at not showing when they’re unwell. Cats can go quiet, and unless they’re an indoor cat using a litter tray, it’s not as easy for pet owners to monitor their cat’s health and toilet habits, which can indicate any signs of them being under the weather. Unlike dogs, [...]

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