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What human food can dogs eat?

What human foods can dogs eat? Dogs should always get most of their daily nutritional requirement from a balanced, quality commercial pet food. However, many dogs also enjoy the occasional treat; providing it’s the right sort of treat, it’s fine to supplement their diet with small quantities of some ‘human’ foods. It’s natural as a [...]

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What human food can cats eat?

What human foods can cats eat? Cat’s must always get the bulk of their nutrition from commercial pet food as they have very particular requirements; protein deficiency, in particular, can cause severe problems in cats. Cats can also get bored at mealtimes and tend to like variety in their meals. There is a range of [...]

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Why is pet dental care important?

Why do pets need dental care? Dogs require regular dental care to prevent gum disease from occurring. When your pet eats, their saliva, bacteria and food form together, creating plaque, a type of bacteria which produces a clear film on the dental surface. If this substance isn’t removed, plaque can build up over time, creating [...]

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Can dogs catch a cold?

Can dogs get the flu? The human ‘flu’ is caused by the influenza virus, which cannot spread to dogs and the dog influenza virus cannot spread to people. In fact, it is extremely rare for dogs to get the influenza virus, but we do see cases of canine parainfluenza virus. The canine parainfluenza virus is [...]

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