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Reoccurring cherry eye case treated at Shrewsbury surgery

Cherry eye is a common condition which can affect a dog’s third eyelid. One breed of dog which is commonly affected by cherry eye is the Lhasa Apso. Here is Diamond’s story. Recently, pet owner, Kirsten Lowe, brought her five-year-old dog, Diamond, to Animal Trust Shrewsbury after noticing Diamond’s eye had swelled up and was [...]

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Winnie makes a full recovery after complex surgery at Dewsbury

Just like humans, our pets will experience accidents, such as trips or falls. It’s not uncommon, especially if you have a very active dog or cat. Unfortunately, on occasion, if your pet has an accident this can lead to bruising, dislocations or even a fracture of a bone. When a pet has a fracture they [...]

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Animal Trust Ellesmere Port partners with PDSA

Animal Trust Ellesmere Port partners with PDSA We are delighted to announce we are working in partnership with the leading charity, PDSA to offer a new membership scheme from our Ellesmere Port surgery. The PDSA Pet Care scheme will help eligible pet owners to access Animal Trust’s reduced cost veterinary care services, plus a host [...]

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Successful ligament surgery performed at Animal Trust Ellesmere Port

Successful ligament surgery performed at Animal Trust Ellesmere Port Cruciate disease is a common condition that causes a dog’s ligaments to fray or fracture. At Animal Trust, we treated over 200 cases in 2018. The most recent case is that of Nala, a 4-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, whose owner, Stephanie Carney, from Liverpool, brought her [...]

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Local Cases of Pyometra Diagnosed

Local cases of Pyometra diagnosed We are urging owners of female dogs to be alert for the signs and symptoms of a common and life-threatening condition; Pyometra. This is estimated to affect 1 in 4 un-neutered bitches before the age of 10. Last year, we performed nearly 200 life-saving operations to treat the condition. Pyometra [...]

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Blu’s Patella Luxation Story

Blu’s patella luxation story In 2018, 94 animals had surgery to correct Patella Luxation at Animal Trust. Find out more about one of the patients we treated with the condition. French Bulldog owner, Ben Reynolds, attended Animal Trust in Ellesmere Port with three year old, Blu. Mr Reynolds had noticed that Blu needed to rest [...]

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