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Animal Trust Birkenhead, is celebrating after helping an 8-year-old Shitzu recover from a serious bladder problem.

Ruby’s owner, Glyn Jones, booked a free consultation for Ruby at the surgery after noticing she was urinating excessively and passing blood. Rob Pope, Lead Veterinary Surgeon at Animal Trust Birkenhead examined Ruby and performed an ultrasound scan and X-ray which confirmed a bladder stone was the cause of her problems. Rob swiftly acted to help Ruby by performing cystotomy surgery — a procedure in which the stone is removed through a surgical incision.

When speaking about the case, Rob, a vet of 15 years experience said; ‘’Urinary infections are very common in pets, and urinary stones are also quite commonly seen. Left untreated stones can stop a dog urinating, cause irritation or recurrent urinary infections. Performing a cystotomy surgery to remove the stone is usually the most effective procedure to help provide relief for the animal.’’

Rob Adds: ‘’I’m so pleased we have been able to care for Ruby and it’s fantastic to see she is recovering well from her surgery. She will continue to be monitored in free consultations with me until she is back to her usual activity levels.’’

Bladder stones are quite common, and Animal Trust has helped many animals with the condition, with over 30 surgeries alone having been performed over the last year. Bladder stones are rock-life formations that form from salts in the urine. Rob is now urging dog owners to be aware of the signs symptoms of urinary disease and for them to seek help from a vet if they notice anything unusual. Common signs include;

Bladder Stone removed from Ruby the Shitzu

Symptoms to watch out for include;

  • Straining when urinating
  • Urinating more often
  • Blood in urine
  • Lack of energy or interest in usual activities

Glyn Jones, Ruby’s owner commented; ‘’It was a worrying time when I first noticed Ruby’s symptoms and I’m so glad I decided to bring her to Animal Trust. She was treated at great speed and her recovery is going so well. I can’t thank the vet enough for providing her with such great care — we will definitely return in the future when Ruby needs to.’’

If you’re concerned that your pet may be experiencing any unusual symptoms that may relate to a bladder infection, don’t delay in contacting your local Animal Trust surgery for advice. Consultations with a vet are completely free of charge, even if you haven’t visited us before.

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