Orthopaedic Services

High Quality Orthopaedic Surgery. Accessibly Priced.

Orthopaedic Surgery at Animal Trust

We perform hundreds of orthopaedic operations every year and are able to offer a wide range of procedures to our patients. This includes repair of fractures, cruciate repair with Securos TTA system and Biomedtrix Total Hip Replacement.

We offer orthopaedics at our Shrewsbury, Bolton, Ellesmere Port and Leeds surgeries.

As well as operating on patients who regularly attend Animal Trust we also help patients who have been seen at vets other than Animal Trust, where their normal vet is unable to offer the orthopaedic service, or unable to offer it at an accessible cost.

If you are would like to access our orthopaedic services please call the clinic

Example Orthopaedic Prices

All prices stated are estimates and are the price if paid at admission. They are inclusive of the cost of the anaesthetic immediate post operative medication and VAT.

TTA for Cruciate Rupture: £1200

Patella Luxation Surgery: £750

Total Hip Replacement: £3750

Fracture Repair:  £600 – 1400

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