Transparent. Fair. Accessible.

We want to make veterinary care accessible for all animals. As part of our mission we try and keep prices as affordable as possible, without compromising quality.

We offer a wide range of procedures, below are just a few examples, so please call us if you require an estimate, or ask in a free consultation.

Example Costs of Consultations and Vaccinations

Consultations for Sick and Injured Animals  Free

Dog Booster and Parasite Treatment £32.50

Cat Booster including FeLV and Parasite Treatment £32.50

Example Costs of  Surgery

(Inclusive of anaesthetic and routine medicines to go home with)

Cruciate repair – TTA procedure £1200

Patella Luxation Surgery £750

Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA) £649

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) £649

Urethostomy  £449

Example Costs of Neutering and Dentistry

(All prices are inclusive of anaesthetic costs, and pain relief medication to go home with)

Dental (including any extractions) £185

Dog castrate £105    (£199 if retained testicle)

Bitch spay £145

Cat castrate £45

Cat spay £65

Rabbit/small mammal castrate £75

Rabbit/small mammal spay £75

Example costs of Imaging

(Inclusive of sedation or anaesthetic if needed)

CT scan £649

Ultrasound Scan £40- 125

X-ray  £199

All prices stated are estimates.

We recommend keeping your pet covered with a high-quality insurance policy. If you have an insurance policy/voucher from a charity or other funder please ensure that we are aware of this prior to commencing treatment, so that we can assist you with processing this.