Please be aware that when prescribing any prescription drug we need to continue to monitor your pet's condition regularly. This is a legal requirement and ensures we comply with guidelines set by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

Any medical condition can change over time but by re-examining your pet regularly we can pick up on any changes before they cause any significant harm. We will also need to check that:

  • The medication your pet is taking is still effective.
  • The dosage is correct; we may need to adjust this over time.
  • The medicines are not masking symptoms of any new conditions your pet may be developing.
  • That your pet is not suffering any adverse side effects of taking long-term medications.

The interval between checks depends on the condition being treated and drugs prescribed. Normally they are required once every three months unless otherwise advised by a vet. Check-ups may involve an examination of your pet, along with a discussion with you about your pet's progress, and possibly other tests such as a blood, urine test or blood pressure check.

To help us process repeat prescription requests please give at least 48 hours' notice. This allows our vets to review your pet's case notes to confirm that the prescription is still appropriate, ensures that we have the medicines in stock and gives us time to get the drugs ready without keeping you, or other clients, waiting.

Please help us by ordering repeat prescriptions several days before you run out wherever possible.

You can make repeat prescription requests:

In person at Animal Trust Veterinary Surgery

By phone on 01204 527474