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    Cherry Eye

    Cherry eye is a common eye issue in young dogs, especially breeds like Bulldogs and Shih Tzus. It happens when a tear gland in their third eyelid pops out, creating a pink blob near their nose.


    Symptoms of Cherry Eye

    Pink blob in the eye corner. Dry, irritated eyes. Redness and abnormal discharge. Paw rubbing can make it worse.

    Causes of Cherry Eye

    Cherry eye is caused by weak ligaments in certain breeds, making the tear gland pop out. This gland is vital for keeping the eyes moist and healthy.

    Treatment for Cherry Eye

    Surgery is recommended to prevent long-term issues. The common mucosal pocket technique involves placing the gland back in a pocket in the eyelid. Removing the gland is not advised.

    Cost of Treatment for Cherry Eye

    At Animal Trust, surgical treatment is £389, covering anesthesia and the procedure. They provide affordable pet healthcare with free consultations for everyone.

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