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    Entropion In Cats

    Entropion is when a cat’s eyelids roll inward, causing the eyelashes to rub against the eye. This can be painful, leading to ulcers and potential blindness if not treated.


    Symptoms of entropion in cats

    Your cat may squint, produce more tears, and have a wet area on the affected eyelid. Painful scratches on the eye’s surface may lead to ulcers, causing cloudiness and, if untreated, potential eye loss.

    Causes of entropion in cats

    It can be hereditary in certain breeds or acquired due to infections, eye pain, weight loss, or other eye conditions.

    Treatment of entropion in cats

    Medical options help manage symptoms, but surgery is often needed. In kittens, temporary eyelid tacking may be done, while adults may require surgical removal of excess eyelid tissue. At Animal Trust, our experienced surgeons offer upfront, fixed pricing for entropion surgery. Costs depend on severity, starting at £469 for up to 2 eyelids, with additional charges for more lids or concurrent issues.

    Recovery for cats after entropion surgery

    Post-surgery, cats may be drowsy and wear a protective collar for 10-14 days. Follow-up visits ensure proper healing, with stitches naturally absorbing in a few weeks.

    Preventing entropion in cats

    While prevention is not always possible, regular vet check-ups, prompt treatment of eye issues, monitoring weight, and avoiding breeding from cats with entropion history can help minimise risks.

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