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    The best flea and worm treatments for cats and dogs

    The best flea and worm treatments for cats and dogs

    Fleas and worms can be a year-round problem for cats and dogs if left untreated and can have an adverse effect on your pet’s health in severe cases. There are various flea and worm treatments available for cats and dogs which work best when your pet is treated regularly and with precision. Prevention is better than cure and since fleas are small and can easily bury in your pet’s fur, it’s best to treat your pet early and before they pick up any of these nasty parasites. Our vets at Animal Trust are here to advise and help you learn about the best treatments for cats and dogs.

    What fleas, ticks and worms can cats and dogs catch?

    Fleas are small parasites that live all over the animal’s skin and survive their blood. Fleas can also live on humans clothes, the carpet, our bedding and in the long grass. Ticks are also blood-sucking creatures and latch onto the pet’s skin in one place. Ticks are particularly dangerous as they can carry Lyme disease, which if contracted can be fatal for pets and humans. These tricky parasites are best removed with a specific tick tweezer. Ticks have to be carefully removed, which can be difficult, as their bodies can easily detach from their head, which remains buried in the skin. Worms can develop if your pet ingests a flea, which contains tapeworm larvae, and it grows inside their digestive system.

    Flea and worm treatments for cats and dogs

    Cats and dogs all require regular flea and worm treatment. If your pet has fleas and is left untreated, they are susceptible to more serious health conditions such as anaemia and allergic dermatitis. It’s really important to make sure your pets are up-to-date on their preventative care, which is why all of our clinics offer affordable and easy to apply treatments for cats and dogs.


    Flea and worm spot-on treatments

    A combined flea and worm treatment can be applied monthly for robust protection. It works by targeting the internal and external treatment of fleas by being applied directly onto the cat or dog’s skin, in an area not easily accessible by grooming.

    Flea and worm tablets

    Tablets are an effective medicine to combat these pesky parasites in dogs. Because these tablets are palatable many dogs will lap up a tablet, thinking it is a treat. However, if your pet is wise to your plan, they can be easily disguised in food. If other pets are nearby, keep them away from the food bowl so you can ensure the pet you’re treating has finished their meal.


    Alternative flea and worm treatments

    Flea and worm sprays and shampoos are also available to treat your pet once they have picked up a bug.

    With the right preventative treatment, your pets will remain protected all year round from fleas and worms. If you would like any information on the price of our flea and worm treatments or are unsure what preventative measures to take, speak to a member of our friendly veterinary team. Use our online booking form to make an appointment at your local clinic.

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