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    We offer fixed price neutering services for dogs and cats.

    Benefits of neutering

    Neutering isn’t just about preventing unwanted pregnancies in females; it can sometimes help with your pet’s health and behaviour. For example, in cats’ it reduces mays aggression and urine marking, while preventing fights and infections like FIV. For dogs neutering may reduce roaming and some types of aggressive behaviour towards other dogs. While In female dogs, it ensures unwanted pregnancies are a avoided, eliminates the risk of a common and serious uterine disease, pyomreta, as well as reducing the risk of developing certain types of tumours.

    Make the choice for a happier, healthier pet. When to ideally get your pet neutered?

    Cats: Can be neutered from four months of age.

    Dogs: If the dog's expected adult weight is under 20kg, we usually recommend neutering at around six months of age.

    If the dog has an expected adult weight of >20kg, we usually recommend waiting ideally until they are 18 months old, as early neutering can effect joint and bones development, particularly in big dogs. However, there are also some benefits to earlier neutering, so if waiting isn’t practical neutering a 6 months of age onwards is acceptable.

    Female dogs should wait 2-3 months after their season to be neutered.


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