About Us

Animal Trust is a not-for-profit veterinary company. That means that our priority always is, always will be and always has been, the health and care of the animals that we see. As a not-for-profit company, we reinvest our profits back into the business. This allows us to provide more advanced veterinary care for your pets, while keeping the costs affordable to you.

Our vision is to develop a veterinary surgery focused on providing the highest standards of veterinary care. We aim to make this affordable, so that as many animals as possible can access this standard of care.

Animal Trust has grown rapidly and now cares for thousands of dogs and cats whose owners, like Animal Trust vets, want the best for their pet when they are unwell.

We believe that every animal deserves access to experienced and professional veterinary care as soon as they become ill. That is why free consultations are available for sick and injured animals brought to the surgery. Emergency supplements may apply.

We hope this will encourage you to bring your pet to us as soon as you can, allowing us to treat them earlier and reduce the suffering that occurs due to untreated veterinary conditions.

We are able to offer a number of services not available in many Vets. Not only do we provide these for the patients of our own clients, but increasingly to patients who travel just to access these services. We try and offer these services at very affordable costs while delivering excellent standards of care. Due to the nature of these services they are not available at each surgery.

From fracture repair to correction of deformities, our orthopeaedic team operates on hundreds of patients every year.

Advanced Imaging
We have our own in house CT scanner for detailed imaging. We also have a highly advanced ultrasound scanner for complex cardiac and abdominal scans.

Inpatient care
Our 24 hour facility provides round the clock inpatient care including intensive care services, for the most seriously ill patients, or those recovering from major procedures.

Hydrotherapy and rehabilitiation
Whether it is post operative rehabilitation, treatment of muscular skeletal disorders, or simply weight loss, our hydrotherapy and rehabilitation facility can assist patients wellbeing.


Current offers


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