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    Abscesses in cats

    An abscess is a painful accumulation of pus, caused by a bacterial infection and usually found under the skin in cats.


    What is a Cat Abscess?

    A cat abscess is a painful build up of pus caused by a bacterial infection, typically beneath the skin. Cats often get abscesses from scratches or bites, commonly inflicted during fights with other cats.

    Signs of a Cat Abscess

    - Pain - Small wounds (bite marks) - Reduced appetite Fever (feeling hot to the touch) - Lethargy (your cat may seem subdued and lacking in energy)

    After a few days you may notice:

    - Swelling - Redness - Large wounds if the abscess bursts - Painful or floppy tail if the top of the tail has been bitten - Lameness if the leg or foot has been infected - Signs of pain such as aggression, growling, licking an area repeatedly, or being quiet and subdued

    Is a cat abscess an emergency?

    In most cases, a cat bite abscess is not considered an emergency, but it can be unpleasant and painful. If your cat appears in pain, is very lame, off its food, or seems unwell, it’s advisable to contact your local Animal Trust Surgery for advice and/or an appointment. While abscesses are usually not emergencies, seeking veterinary advice is crucial due to potential complications.

    How to treat a cat abscess

    Treatment depends on the severity, size, and location of the infection, as well as your cat’s overall health. It’s not recommended to try popping or lancing an abscess at home, as it can harm your cat.

    Will a cat abscess heal on its own?

    - Most abscesses heal within 1-2 weeks, but some may require further treatment. Abscess wounds cannot be stitched closed, and dressings may be necessary for specific wounds.

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