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    Understanding Bladder Stones in Dogs

    Bladder stones, or uroliths, are a common issue in both male and female dogs, affecting various breeds and ages. Breeds like Pugs and French Bulldogs, as well as dogs with liver disease, may be more prone to developing bladder stones.


    Causes of Bladder Stones in Dogs

    Bladder stones form due to mineral over-saturation, often coupled with factors like urinary tract infections or diet issues. The acidity of urine, influenced by bacterial infections or inappropriate diets, plays a role. Types of stones include Struvite (common in females), Calcium Oxalate (common in males), and Cystine and Amnium Urate (diagnosed in specific breeds like Dalmatians).

    Symptoms of Bladder Stones in Dogs

    Watch for signs such as increased drinking and urination, blood in urine, straining or vocalisation during urination, frequent small urination, and, in severe cases, a complete lack of urine production, which is an emergency.

    Diagnosing Bladder Stones

    Tests such as urine analysis, abdominal ultrasound, and X-rays under sedation may be required to confirm the presence of bladder stones. Palpation during a vet consultation might also be necessary.

    Treatment of Bladder Stones in Dogs

    Treatment varies based on the stone type and severity. Medical options may be considered, but surgical intervention through a cystotomy is often necessary. This procedure involves removing stones through an abdominal incision under general anaesthesia. Post-surgery, pain relief medication and antibiotics may be prescribed, along with a therapeutic diet to prevent stone recurrence.

    Preventing Bladder Stones in Dogs

    Treatment varies based on severity. In mild cases, weight management, preventing overheating, walking with a harness, and short-term medication may suffice. Severe cases may require surgical interventions like shortening the soft palate, widening nostrils, or removing laryngeal saccules.

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