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    Cruciate Disease

    Cruciate Disease is a common orthopaedic issue in dogs, affecting the cranial cruciate ligament in the knee joint. This condition in dogs is typically caused by ligament degeneration. Some breeds, are more susceptible, and there’s a strong genetic link.


    Symptoms of Cruciate Disease in Dogs

    Gradual onset, but sudden lameness is common. Pain and inflammation in the knee joint. Risk of osteoarthritis development.

    Causes of Cruciate Disease in Dogs

    In dogs, the cause of cruciate disease is quite different, with the ligament degenerating overtime and then rupturing. Some breeds such as Labradors, and Boxers are more prone to this degeneration but it can affect any breed. Currently, vets don’t know why this happens to dogs but there seems to be a strong genetic link to it.

    Treatment of Cruciate Disease in Dogs

    Diagnosis involves a joint examination and imaging (X-rays) to confirm. Surgery is often the most effective treatment to alter bone conformation and stabilize the knee. Procedures like TTA, TPLO, or TCWO are recommended based on the dog’s size and bone structure.

    Risks and Complications

    Common complications include infection and mechanical issues. Most dogs recover well post-surgery with pain management and additional therapies like hydrotherapy. If you observe symptoms of Cruciate Disease in your dog, reach out to your local Animal Trust surgery for a free consultation to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

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