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    Skin Tags on Dogs

    Skin tags in dogs are common, benign growths on the skin’s surface. These are more frequent in older dogs and can vary in size and shape. While generally harmless, they can be found in areas of friction, like the armpit, chest, and abdomen.


    Causes of Skin Tags on Dogs

    The exact cause of skin tags is unclear, but they often form in areas of friction. Larger breeds and older dogs are more prone to developing them.

    When Can Skin Tags be a Problem?

    Skin tags are typically harmless but can pose issues if caught on objects or pulled during grooming, leading to bleeding or discomfort. In such cases, surgical removal may be recommended.

    Signs of Change in Skin Tags

    While usually harmless, changes in skin tags may indicate a more serious condition. Consult a vet if you notice: Bleeding or discharge Changes in size or colour Additional skin tags in the same area Signs of discomfort or pain in your dog Excessive licking or itching in the tagged area

    Treatment of Skin Rags

    Never attempt home removal. Consult a vet for a thorough examination. Surgical removal under local anesthesia is a safe option. The procedure allows for a same-day return home, with careful monitoring to ensure proper healing. If you’re concerned about your pet’s skin growths, contact Animal Trust for a free consultation and examination.

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