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    Gum Disease in Cats

    Ensuring your cat’s teeth are healthy is crucial, as one in eight cats may experience gum disease. This condition encompasses various gum issues, including gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities, viral infections, ulcers, and growths on the gums.


    Causes of gum disease in cats

    Factors like plaque build up, odontoclastic lesions, feline viruses (FIV, FeLV, calicivirus), ulcers, growths, and chronic gingivostomatitis contribute to gum disease in cats.

    Symptoms of gum disease in cats

    Consult a vet for a thorough examination. General anaesthesia may be needed for a complete dental assessment, including probing tooth roots and checking for ulcers or growths. Blood tests may be recommended, and treatment may involve tooth extraction and further investigations.

    Preventing gum disease in cats

    Maintain excellent oral hygiene through toothbrushing, topical solutions like Dentisept, and vaccinations for virus prevention. Regular veterinary checks, especially during annual vaccinations, help detect and treat gum issues early.

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