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    General Surgery

    Meet our skilled Veterinary Surgeons at Animal Trust!

    Every year, we help thousands of animals with surgical treatments, from routine procedures like neutering and mass removal to more complex procedures like BOAS airway surgery, ophthalmic (eye care) surgery, fracture repairs, and orthopaedic surgery.

    Remember that some procedures may only be available at specific Animal Trust Surgeries.
Most surgical procedures are performed under general anaesthesia, although occasionally local anaesthesia may be used. Before the operation, the vet and nurse team will assess the pet's health, administer medication to keep the pet comfortable, and provide any other treatments needed.

    Your pet's anaesthesia will be carefully monitored during the surgical procedure while the surgeon completes it. Afterwards, our ward nurses will look after the pet, keeping it comfortable and carefully monitoring it as it starts its journey to return to health. At Animal Trust, the cost of surgery includes the medications given while the patient is admitted as well as the surgery itself. We aim to provide cost certainty with our prices and promise to help with complications if they do occur.

    General Surgery

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