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Eye conditions and infections are a common reason for owners to bring their pets into Animal Trust.

When Miss Robertshaw noticed her 7-year-old domestic shorthair, cat, Kat, had some yellow discharge from his eye and was scratching at the area, so she took him straight to Animal Trust to have him checked during a free consultation.

Upon examination, Lead Vet James Portsmouth at Animal Trust Ellesmere Port diagnosed Kat with conjunctivitis and entropion, a condition where the eyelids turn inwards and effect the eye itself. Commenting on Kat’s case, James said; ‘’While entropion is more common in dogs. Cats can also have the condition and in nearly all cases surgery is the best treatment once any infection has been cured.’’

During Entropion surgery, the animal’s eyelid is turned the right side out and a section of skin is removed to provide the best chance of it staying in the correct position. James adds; ‘’Kat’s surgery went really well and I’m delighted with his recovery. There are no longer signs of any infection or irritation which is exactly the result we’d expect.’’

Entropion is when a proportion of the eyelid to folds inward against the eyeball, which results in irritation and scratches to the cornea. Generally, the infection is more common in dogs than cats, although cat breeds including the Persian, Burmese and Himalayan are more at risk due to their short-round faces. James is keen that owners seek attention from a vet as soon as they see any signs of eye disease, which commonly includes;

Symptoms to watch out for include;

  • Discharge from the eye (particularly yellow discharge)
  • Excess tears
  • Red eyes
  • Sagging of the socket

Kat’s owner, Lisa is a member of PDSA’s PetCare scheme at Animal Trust Ellesmere Port and says; ‘’I rescued Kat around 12 months ago and he has otherwise been in good health. I’m so grateful to Animal Trust for all of the care and attention they have provided him with. All of the team have been so professional throughout and having access to the PetCare scheme from PDSA scheme has helped with funding his treatment.’’

Animal Trust operates a fixed pricing model for all clients to provide cost certainty and to help with accessing care. If you’re concerned that your pet may be experiencing symptoms of an eye infection or any other condition, book a free consultation with your local Animal Trust surgery.

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