Complaints Policy

Treating our clients fairly is central to our ethos; we listen to feedback and value every opportunity to improve the service we provide. As part of this approach, we take complaints seriously seek to break down barriers which might otherwise make our clients feel that are unable to make a complaint.

Method of Contact

A complaint can be made in writing by email or post, over the telephone or in person at one of our sites. Complaints need to be reviewed by the clinic they relate to and we therefore request that you contact the clinic that you use if you need to make a complaint. You can find the contact details for each clinic here.

If appropriate, we ask that you raise any concerns that you have regarding clinical matters with your vet directly first, as it may be possible to resolve the issues more quickly this way. We recognise however that this is not always possible or reasonable, and in such cases we ask that you provide us with the details of your complaint in writing as promptly as you are able to.


We aim to acknowledge complaints either verbally or in writing within 3 working days. We also aim to resolve all complaints within two weeks, however if it becomes apparent that this timescale cannot be met we will be in touch to update you. Where possible, and in many cases, we will respond in less than two weeks.

Respect and Openness

You can expect us to treat you with respect, and to remain open and honest about any findings that stem from your feedback. We ask that you treat our staff with a similar level of respect.