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Just like humans, pets can suffer from chronic symptoms and conditions. Animals won’t always show obvious signs of a condition or being in pain and so it’s important as an owner to be aware of anything unusual. 

Fortunately for 11—year-old domestic long-haired cat, Peanut, his owner recognised that he was suffering from chronic sneezing and nasal discharge, and he was booked in for a free consultation at Animal Trust Ellesmere Port. Hearing from Peanut’s owner, Mrs Bennett, she commented; ‘’Peanut was well in himself and continued to eat and drink fine, but as the symptoms continued I knew it was something that needed to be checked.’’

Peanut was examined by vet Claudia Serra who, after performing dental x-rays, confirmed that a tooth abscess was the apparent cause of his symptoms.

“After examining Peanut and the inside of his mouth, the x-rays clearly showed the location of the infected tooth root abscess, which had decayed, causing his symptoms to occur.

“We were able to perform surgery the same day to extract the tooth and flush Peanut’s nasal passages to help relieve him of his symptoms. Peanut returned home the same day with some medication and I’m so pleased to see he has made a really positive recovery.’’ 

Tooth extraction
The tooth extracted from Peanut the cat

When discussing Peanut’s case, Claudia highlighted that here are a number of common causes for nasal discharge and sneezing in cats. 

‘’If the animal’s symptoms are persistent for more than a few days, we would recommend you bring your pet into your nearest surgery to be checked over, as it could be due to a few reasons. These include:

  • An upper respiratory infection 
  • Allergies or an inhaled substance 
  • Blockage of the nasal passage (e.g due to a foreign body)

‘’As we offer free [face to face] consultations for everyone, it means there’s no need to delay your pet receiving the vital treatment that they need should they show any of these signs.’’ 

Mrs Bennett, Peanut’s owner says: ‘’This was my first visit to Animal Trust and the whole process was so swift. The team were so helpful and answered any questions I had — and the free consultation and fixed price was a bonus. It’s such a relief that Peanut’s condition was nothing more sinister and he has since made a fantastic recovery. We’ll definitely be using the surgery again in the future.’’

Animal Trust offers a fixed price for all dental procedures, which includes an unlimited number of extractions and a scale and polish per treatment. The cost of treatment, when paid for at admission, is £289 and this is fully inclusive of anaesthetic costs and pain relief medication to go home with. 

If you’re concerned that your pet may be experiencing symptoms similar to Peanut, or they require a dental procedure, book a free consultation with your local Animal Trust surgery. There is no criteria to meet when joining and everyone is welcome.

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