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Six-year-old Jack Russell terrier Milo doesn’t miss much – and when he spotted an open door at home, he made a break for it before his owner could stop him – and was knocked down by a car.

His devastated owner, Ms G, brought him immediately to Animal Trust’s Ellesmere Port 24/7 emergency hospital, where it was discovered that he was at risk of life-threatening shock. The inpatient team quickly stabilised him in order to carry out further examinations and X-rays, which revealed that Milo had suffered severe pelvic and hip injuries, as well as a large body wall rupture, through which his bladder, spleen and intestines had herniated.

Area Principal Vet Dr James Portsmouth examined Milo when he was admitted and immediately knew his condition was serious. “We kept him hospitalised for over a week and he had to have three staged surgeries to repair his hernia and dislocated pelvis and hips, which included placing screws to re-attach his pelvis to his spine.

“Each operation was extremely complex and very much a team effort to ensure all the procedures ran smoothly. I’m delighted we were able to help Milo and get him on the road to recovery after such a serious accident,” he explained.

Milo playing with his toy

Milo’s now back at home and very much back to his usual mischievous self. Owner Ms G commented: “I can’t thank the staff at Animal Trust enough for all they did for Milo. I knew the accident was serious and I was so worried that I might lose him. The fact that he’s back to his old self, able to run and jump and enjoy life is testament to the skill and expertise of the staff at Animal Trust – they’ve been amazing,” she added.

We’re delighted to have been able to help Milo and it’s great to see him looking fit and well again!

For more information about what to do in an emergency, or to find your nearest Animal Trust Emergency Surgery, visit our Emergencies page.

X-ray of pelvis
An X-ray of Milo before his procedure.
X-ray of pelvis with screws
An X-ray of Milo after his procedure.
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