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Why do pets need dental care?

Dogs require regular dental care to prevent gum disease from occurring. When your pet eats, their saliva, bacteria and food form together, creating plaque, a type of bacteria which produces a clear film on the dental surface. If this substance isn’t removed, plaque can build up over time, creating tartar; a brown, yellow hardened substance. A build-up of tartar can irritate your pet’s gums as it accumulates above and below the gumline, causing inflammation, redness and bad breath (gingivitis).

Why is pet dental care important?

Pental dental care is important to reduce the chance of your pet developing gum disease. Gum disease is five times more common in dogs than in humans* and if left untreated, it can cause cavities and gum problems; this degree of damage can even cause your pet to lose their teeth, which is why as a pet owner it’s so important to help your pet maintain their dental hygiene regularly.

How is dental disease treated in dogs?

Dental disease is treated by performing a dental x-ray to assess the severity of damage to your pet’s teeth. Your pet may require a descale and polish, and where necessary, a dental extraction of the affected teeth.

What is the best way to clean my dog’s teeth?

Just like our daily routine, incorporating teeth cleaning into your dog’s day-to-day will help to reduce the build-up of bacteria in their mouth. If you’re unsure how to clean your dog’s teeth, your local vet will be able to demonstrate and advise on what products to use. It’s best to introduce teeth cleaning to your pet as early as possible, ideally when they’re a puppy so they can get used to the brushing motion.

When should your dog have their teeth cleaned?

Where possible, try cleaning your dog’s teeth every day, however, if this is not possible, aim to brush their teeth 3-4 times a week.

How to clean your dog’s teeth

Cleaning your dog’s teeth might seem like a daunting task, and depending on their nature, your dog may not be very comfortable with you looking inside their mouth. The best time to clean your dog’s teeth is when they are calm and relaxed. Starting with the teeth on the side of their mouth, lift up the side of their lip and use your finger, wrapped in a soft flannel, rubbing against their teeth gently so they can get used to the motion.

This technique should help your dog feel more comfortable having their teeth cleaned. Once you’re feeling more confident, try cleaning your dog’s teeth with a soft toothbrush, and over time, build up to using the brush with dog-friendly toothpaste.



In addition to cleaning your dog’s teeth, there are several ways to help look after your pet’s dental hygiene and preventing gum disease from developing:

  • Always feed your dog quality food which can help prevent the build-up of plaque
  • Provide your pet with a dental stick to help remove plaque and food stuck in the gumline
  • Tooth-friendly toys can help clean your dog’s teeth as they chew

How much does dog dental care cost?

At Animal Trust, the cost of dental care is fixed, so no matter how many teeth need to be extracted, you can rest assured knowing it will only cost you what has been discussed with your vet in advance of the procedure. Our dog dental care costs £235, which includes administering the anaesthetic, dental surgery and the required aftercare pain relief.

If you would like more advice about pet dental care and how to prevent gum disease, please get in touch with your local Animal Trust clinic. Our veterinary facilities are based in the north-west, Shropshire and Yorkshire, located in Bolton, Shrewsbury, Ellesmere Port, Blackburn, Failsworth, and Leeds. In early 2019, Animal Trust is coming to Dewsbury!

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* The Kennel Club

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