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Receptionist Job in Bolton

Bolton, Manchester

Client Services

£10.90 / hour

Permanent Contract

Join the Animal Trust Family – Every Pet Deserves Compassionate Care

Are you looking for a Receptionist Job in Bolton? Embark on a mission with us to offer affordable veterinary services. Many pet owners, even before today’s economic challenges, struggled to afford the essential care their pets needed.

Our Origin Story

Our foundation is rooted in Owen Monie’s beliefs. Owen, our inaugural vet, set up Animal Trust on the premise that no creature should suffer due to an owner’s financial constraints. Therefore, consultation fees are non-existent across our practices. We’ve eradicated eligibility criteria to foster a welcoming atmosphere for all pet owners. Subsequently, any treatments are priced realistically, showcased with full transparency on our website.

More than Just a Veterinary Group

Animal Trust stands proudly as the U.K.’s sole Community Interest Veterinary Group. Instead of chasing profits, our aim orbits around the welfare of our staff, patients, and pet owners. In fact, any surplus is channelled directly back into the Trust. This helps foster career growth and perpetuates the highest calibre of care at unbeatable prices. Furthermore, our investments span our broad network of surgeries, boasting state-of-the-art facilities like in-house CT scanners and specialists in advanced orthopaedics and hip replacements.

Your Role in the Picture

Receptionists like you, serve as vital conduits bridging clinical and administrative realms within our operations. With robust support from our on-site management brigade, you play a pivotal role in furthering our mission: ensuring sick pets get the care they deserve.

Your primary duties at our Bolton Clinic encompass appointment coordination, diary management, and financial tasks, including handling debts and insurance. Moreover, your collaboration with clinical teams proves crucial, guaranteeing they’re aptly equipped to deliver unparalleled care.

Receptionist Job in Bolton Duties:

  • Warmly welcoming clients and their pets.
  • Efficiently handling calls and queries.
  • Dispensing vet-prepared medications.
  • Ensuring clean and welcoming premises.
  • Assisting distraught clients.
  • Payment processing and new client registrations.
  • Adhering to health, safety, and data protection standards.

Who We’re Looking For

Your understanding of medical team pressures, paired with your innate empathy, organisational prowess, and communication finesse, could make you an invaluable addition. While experience in a medical or veterinary reception is a boon, we equally prize passion and commitment to our cause. Particularly, we value those accustomed to assisting clients in emotionally taxing scenarios. We understand how daunting it can be to bring a sick pet to the vet or bid farewell to a cherished family member. Thus, during interviews, we’re keen to glean insights into how candidates have navigated such challenging terrains.

Job Details:

  • Salary: £10.90/hour
  • Contract: 35 hours/week, Permanent
  • Location: Bolton

A Note on Diversity

We champion diversity and inclusion. If you’re passionate about this role but unsure about ticking every box, we urge you to apply for the Receptionist Job in Bolton. You might be the exact fit we’re searching for.

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