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    Arthritis in Dogs

    Arthritis in dogs is a long-lasting, inflammatory disease which affects the animal’s joint health. It is caused when the cartilage between joints becomes less smooth and damaged.


    Understanding Dog Arthritis

    Dog arthritis is a chronic, inflammatory condition affecting your pet’s joints, causing discomfort and stiffness. It occurs when the cartilage between joints wears down, leading to bone surfaces rubbing together. While more common in older dogs, it can also affect younger ones due to injuries or muscle weakness.

    Spotting Arthritis Symptoms in Dogs

    Watch for signs such as limping, tiredness, reluctance to move, licking/chewing painful areas, signs of pain during activities, changes in behaviour, and a general slowing down. If you notice these symptoms, consult your vet for a thorough examination.

    Causes of Dog Arthritis

    Various factors contribute to arthritis, including joint injuries, excess weight, and aging. Certain breeds, such as Bernese Mountain Dogs and Labradors, may be more prone due to predisposed bone conditions like hip dysplasia.

    Managing Arthritis in Dogs

    While there’s no cure, managing arthritis is possible. Ensure a balanced diet, regular exercise, and weight control. Treatment options include medications, supplements like omega-3 fatty acids, and injections like Cartrophen. Individual responses vary, and a tailored approach may involve a combination of treatments.

    Preventing and Helping Your Arthritic Dog

    For young dogs, prevent jumping and strenuous activities. Provide a comfortable bed, keep nails trimmed, use a supportive harness, raise food bowls, and consider hydrotherapy. Regular vet check-ups are essential to adapt treatment as needed.

    Long-Term Outlook

    Arthritis is degenerative, meaning it worsens over time. Treatments aim to manage pain and slow progression. Regular vet check-ups, open communication, and monitoring your dog’s behavior are crucial for effective care. If you suspect your dog is in pain or showing signs of arthritis, consult your local Animal Trust surgery for a free consultation. Expert care ensures your pet ages gracefully and enjoys a good quality of life.

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