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    Dermatitis in Dogs

    Dermatitis in dogs is a skin condition causing itching and inflammation, impacting your pet’s well-being.

    Continuous scratching can lead to discomfort, affect appetite, and disrupt rest, making the skin susceptible to infection.


    Causes of Dermatitis in Dogs

    Parasites: Fleas, mites, ticks. Infections: Bacterial or fungal. Allergies: Environmental (pollen, grass) or food.

    Common Areas Affected by Dermatitis

    Ears. Paws. Tummy. Armpits. Face, bottom, back, and sides in certain cases.

    Symptoms of Dermatitis

    Itching and scratching. Hair loss. Greasy or flaky skin. Redness, rashes, or spots on the belly. Chewing paws and excessive licking.

    Diagnosis of Dermatitis

    Flea comb, tape strips, skin scrapes, hair plucks, Wood’s lamp, blood tests Tests may include flea infestation, skin cells, mites, fungal infections, and allergy triggers.

    Treatment of Dermatitis

    Parasitic Dermatitis: Prescription parasite treatment for fleas, ticks, and mites Monthly or quarterly application Skin Infections: Medicated shampoos for surface infections. Antibiotics for deeper infections. Allergic Dermatitis: Identifying and avoiding triggers (food, grass, pollen). Hypoallergenic diet and food storage practices. Medications to control itching, including steroids, Atopica, Apoquel, and Cytopoint.

    Is Dermatitis Contagious?

    Allergic dermatitis and most skin infections are not contagious. Contagious conditions include ringworm and flea infestations, which require treatment for all animals in the household.

    Prevention of Dermatitis

    Regular use of prescription parasite control. Feed high-quality, additive-free food. Prompt veterinary treatment for itching. Avoid contact with harsh detergents and cleaners. Choose puppies from healthy parentage to reduce inherited allergies.

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