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24/7 Inpatient Veterinary Care

An inpatient is a pet that requires treatment or tests which cannot be provided through prescribing medication at home or by admission to the surgery for a day procedure.

At Animal Trust we are able to offer a high standard of around the clock, quality inpatient veterinary care to pets; our Bolton, Dewsbury and Ellesmere Port surgeries are open 24/7, 365 days a year and our Shrewsbury surgery offers 24/7 inpatient care. Our experienced vets and nurses pride themselves on providing expert and loving care to all patients, treating pets as if they’re one of their own. Throughout the duration of an inpatient stay, naturally, it is quite common for the team to become quite attached to inpatients as they form a relationship with the animals during their recovery.

Inpatient Diagnostics and Treatments for Pets

As an inpatient, pets have access to an array of patient side diagnostics. From checking blood salts and chemicals to internal imaging; information about your pet’s health can often be obtained in minutes, all from the side of their comfortable bed. Inpatients also have access to treatments such as continuous infusions of medications, which are administered directly into their blood system or using feeding systems where they can’t or don’t feel well enough to eat. These facilities allow the vets and nurses to adjust your pet’s treatment precisely for what is required to help them get better, which, in the most critical cases can be moment by moment.

Inpatient Pet Recovery

Throughout the recovery process, where possible, we always try to get your pet back home to their owners as soon as they’re well enough. Just like humans, most pets want to return home to their family and familiar surroundings as soon as possible.

In some circumstances, advanced veterinary care can only be provided when a pet is admitted for a longer stay. This may be because they need medication that can only be administered by a vet or nurse, such as strong pain relief, or because a pet needs close observations and continuous care. With all treatments and equipment available to hand in-house, our team can ensure the precise delivery of treatments and expert care, exactly at the time when it’s required.

During a prolonged stay, owners are welcome (and in fact encouraged) to visit their pet, just like you’d visit a human relative in the hospital. The nurses and vets may even ask you to help tempt your pet to eat, or, if possible, take them out for a short walk – most patients really appreciate their most loved ones coming to visit as it helps reassure them and lift their spirits as they get better.

If you wish to find out more about our veterinary inpatient care or believe this is the best option for your pet, book a free consultation with our team today.


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Coronavirus Measures in place at Animal Trust

We have put in some new measures for all clients when attending appointments at one of our surgeries. Read more here.

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