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    What human food can cats eat


    Healthy cats should always get the bulk of their nutrition from commercial cat foods which are specially formulated to provide nutritional benefits. This is because cats have very particular requirements from their diet, and are obligate carnivores. This means that your cat needs a diet of at least 70% meat in order to stay healthy. Protein deficiency, in particular, can cause severe problems in cats.

    Certain human foods are fine to occasionally introduce to your cat’s diet, but they shouldn’t be regular additions.

    What human food can cats eat


    Should I always feed my cat the same food?

    Good pet care involves giving your pet a range of foods to prevent them from becoming nutrient deficient. Because different types of foods offer a variety of nutrients that other food groups don’t contain.

    Cats can also get bored at mealtimes and most cats tend to like variety in their meals. While a healthy treat or the introduction of new foods now and then is great, there is a range of human foods that cats can and can’t eat. So, we have created a helpful guide for cat owners on human foods that are safe and suitable as part of a healthy balanced diet.

    Should I always feed my cat the same food?

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