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    Understanding Dog UTIs


    What is a UTI in Dogs?

    A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can make it uncomfortable for a dog to pass urine. It’s often caused by a bacterial infection, though other factors like stones, inflammation, or underlying diseases can contribute.

    Symptoms and Diagnosis

    Symptoms: Look out for signs like frequent urination, increased drinking, urine dribbling, blood in urine, strong urine odor, pain or straining during urination, and excessive licking after urination. Diagnosis: In a free consultation at Animal Trust, a vet examines the dog for signs of fever, enlarged bladder, or kidneys. Urinalysis tests acidity, blood, infection, sugar, concentration, and crystals. Blood tests, X-rays, and ultrasounds may be used for further diagnosis.

    Treatment of UTIs in Dogs

    Antibiotics: For bacterial causes; complete the full course. Pain Relief: Anti-inflammatory painkillers to manage discomfort. Addressing Underlying Issues: Long-term medication for conditions like Cushing’s disease, diabetes, or prostate disease. Special Diet or Food Additives: Alters urine acidity, reduces stone formation, or encourages drinking to dilute urine. Surgery: For large stones or those not responding to dietary treatment. Medications: Urethral sphincter medications or bladder support, depending on the condition.

    Prevention of UTIs in Dogs

    To prevent UTIs, provide fresh water, consider urinary tract supplements, keep your dog groomed, ensure regular toilet breaks, and follow any prescribed diets. If concerned about your dog’s urinary health, contact Animal Trust for a free consultation and examination.

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