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    What do lumps on Dogs mean?

    Lumps on dogs can vary in types, sizes, and locations. They are common and may include abscesses, cysts, seromas (fluid-filled swelling), or areas of inflammation. A vet examination helps determine the cause, and further testing may be recommended based on the lump’s appearance.


    Lumps vs. Tumors

    The term “tumor” is often used in veterinary contexts but doesn’t necessarily imply cancer. Tumors can be benign or malignant. Regular pet examinations help detect lumps early.

    How Common Are Lumps on Pets?

    Lumps are prevalent in pets, making regular examinations crucial. While some may be unpleasant, many are not harmful.

    Treatment Options

    If a lump appears to be a growth, further investigation options include Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA) or surgical biopsy. FNA involves extracting cells for examination without anesthesia, while a surgical biopsy provides a more accurate diagnosis but requires anesthesia.

    Results Turnaround

    FNA results are usually quick, while histopathology samples from a surgical biopsy may take a week or two. Lumpectomies involve surgically removing abnormal lumps, and recovery typically takes 10-14 days.

    Assessing Reports

    Assessing Reports

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