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What is pet surgery?

Pet surgery is any operation performed on animals by a veterinary surgeon. 

Broadly speaking, surgery falls into three main categories: soft tissue surgery (skin, body cavities and organs), orthopaedics (bones, joints and muscles) and neurosurgery (nervous system – e.g. brain and spinal cord). 

Within Animal Trust, we have skilled Veterinary Surgeons able to carry out a range of surgeries.  All of our surgeons can perform routine procedures such as neuters and mass removals, with some more specialised surgeons performing complex procedures such as BOAS airway surgery, fracture repairs and ophthalmic (eye) surgery.  Some of these surgeries may only be available at specific branches of Animal Trust

All of our surgery is carried out in our designated operating theatres, with strict surgical hygiene procedures in place. Animals under anaesthetic are closely monitored by our Registered Veterinary Nurses and multi parameter monitors. We have anaesthetic protocols in place to suit a range of patients – from fit, healthy patients and very young animals, through to elderly or unwell animals. Every case is assessed to provide the most appropriate protocol for the individual animal. 


Types of pet surgery

Types of pet surgery include:

  • Elective – such as spaying or castration of cats, dogs and rabbits
  • Dentalextraction of abnormal, damaged or diseased teeth, or removal of oral masses
  • Ophthalmic – such as correction of eyelid defects, treatment of eye ulcers
  • Orthopaedic – including cruciate ligament rupture repair, fracture repairs
  • Wounds – following injury, abscesses or extensive mass removal
  • Soft tissue – including ENT surgery such as ear canal ablation, BOAS surgery; abdominal surgery such as removal of mineral stones from the bladder, or intestinal obstructions
  • Tumour and growth removal – from the skin or internal organs


Pet surgery prices and aftercare

As a not for profit vet company, we believe good pet healthcare should be accessible to all. That’s why our vet surgery prices are transparent and as affordable as possible. If you’re unsure about affordability or want more information on a specific service, please get in touch with your local Animal Trust surgery.

Because we know the period after treatment can be stressful for you and your pet, we offer guidance and advice on how to look after your pet after surgery. Our Pet Care Advice section offers vet-approved information and recommendations on a range of healthcare topics and is a great resource for pet owners.

Coronavirus Measures in place at Animal Trust

We have put in some new measures for all clients when attending appointments at one of our surgeries. Read more here.

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