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According to data from CatsMatter, as many as 70 million animals lose their lives each year after being involved in a road traffic accident (RTA). Thanks to the team at our Ellesmere Port 24/7 surgery, Becker was one of the lucky ones who survived his ordeal.

1-year-old Becker was presented as an emergency patient with his owners at their usual vets after they discovered he was involved in a RTA. While Becker was responsive, there were concerns over his neurological health. As we’re a not-for-profit veterinary team, our pricing structure is more accessible to owners and Becker was transferred to us for further investigation and on-going care.

Speaking about Becker’s accident, his owners commented; ‘’We really did think we would lose him. The dedicated vets at Ellesmere Port did everything they could to save him’’.

Becker was hospitalised at our Ellesmere Port emergency 24/7 surgery and once he stabilised, Becker underwent a CT scan to assess the condition of his skull and jaw. Clinical Plus Vet Debbie Hutton cared for Becker following his accident.

‘’When an animal is involved in an RTA, we need to act fast to assess their condition and then start treatment as soon as possible. In Becker’s case, he needed around the clock care to help control his pain. We had concerns that his accident may have caused trauma to his head but, luckily, his CT scan results were unremarkable.’’

Following his assessment, Becker underwent treatment for a fractured jaw, which is a common injury in feline RTA victims. During surgery, Becker’s jaw was relocated and the fracture wired to support healing.

‘’We operate a non-stop, full 24/7 emergency service at Ellesmere Port. We have access to advanced surgeries and imaging techniques so there’s no delay in starting treatment. This is particularly vital in urgent cases such as Becker’s.

Cat after road traffic accident recovery

‘’Following his surgery, Becker was closely monitored and remained hospitalised with us for three days until he was strong enough to return home and continue his recovery. While he was with us, Becker was a dream patient and he took his injuries in his stride.’’ added Debbie.

Speaking about Becker’s accident, his family commented: ‘’The team at Ellesmere Port have all gone above and beyond in helping Becker after his accident. We were called daily by the vet who kept us updated and they were always honest about the treatment and expectations — we cannot fault the team and we are so thankful for the care they gave to Becker.’’

If your pet is in need of emergency or urgent care at Animal Trust, we operate 24/7 emergency surgeries in Bolton, Dewsbury and Ellesmere Port. If you haven’t already registered with us, it’s quick and easy to join by registering online.

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