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First client treated at Animal Trust Wrexham

Animal Trust Wrexham officially opened on Monday 5th August and the very first animal examined was Jack who had poorly ears. Here is more of his story.

Ann Torrens, registered 6-year-old Jack, a Yorkshire Terrier, having read recommendations about Animal Trust on Facebook. Ann had noticed Jack’s ears were irritating him and wanted to have them checked. Ann says; ‘’I noticed that Jack had been scratching at his ears quite often. I saw the surgery was due to open close by and I booked an appointment right away.’’

Jack was the first pet to be examined at the newly opened surgery on Caia Road and was seen in a free consultation by Lead Vet, Rhys Peters. Rhys discovered Jack’s ear’s where inflamed and appeared to be infected.

Commenting on Jack’s case Rhys said; ‘’It’s not uncommon for us to see ear infections like Jack’s and Mrs Torrens did the right thing by bringing him in to see us. The sooner ear conditions are treated the easier they are to cure. We always encourage owners to bring their pets to be checked for free at the first sign of concern so we can help them straight away.’’

Rhys added; ‘’Jack has a history of suffering from skin conditions, which makes him more likely to have ear problems. He is now on the medication he needs and should be feeling much better.’’ 

Ear infections in dogs are a common problem and breeds such as Cocker Spaniels, Shih Tzu’s and Basset Hounds are more at risk. Rhys advises owners who notice any of the following signs to book an appointment to have their dogs checked.

  • Scratching or rubbing the ear
  • Shaking of the head
  • An abnormal odour from the ear
  • Redness in and around the ear
  • Discharge from the ear

Rhys continues; ‘’All pet owners should have access to prompt expert advice as soon as their pet needs it without worrying about a big bill the moment they walk through the consulting room door. That’s why we offer unlimited free consultations to everyone.’’

Ann Torrens, Jack’s owner commented; ‘’It’s exciting that Jack is the first pet to be seen at the surgery and I’m so glad we have a plan to help his condition. Rhys explained everything so well and Jack was comfortable throughout his visit. I’m so pleased I joined the Wrexham surgery.’’

Like all Animal Trust surgeries, Wrexham offers unlimited free consultations to everyone and there is no eligibility criteria to meet. If you notice that your pet is unwell or shows signs of unusual behaviour like Jack, then book a free consultation today. 

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