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Working nights isn’t always everyone’s idea of fun – but for Audrey, our Lead Night Nurse at our 24/7 Bolton surgery, it’s pretty much her dream job.

“Although it’s often very busy at the start of the night shift, it generally quietens down at some point and that’s when I have the time to really concentrate on a patient without being pulled in all directions – one of the reasons why I love working at night,” she explained.

“One of the great things about working at Animal Trust is that it’s so patient-oriented – it genuinely is a priority for us. I like helping patients and working at night gives you the chance to really focus on what you’re doing. In our ICU at Bolton, we have a great nurse/patient ratio – and we always have support from the vets when we need it.”

Audrey has been with Animal Trust for seven years, and prior to joining us, gained many years of experience working at other organisations such as the RSPCA and PetMedics. So what was the appeal of working for Animal Trust? “At Animal Trust, it’s not about the money – it’s about finding ways to help people who otherwise would have no other options, and that’s important to me. Also, I feel like my management team is really supportive – if ever there’s an issue, they work to resolve it promptly,” Audrey said.

Audrey & Dog

Audrey works four nights on/four nights off – which allows her time to do the things that matter to her – such as walking her dog Toad (pictured above) and studying for additional qualifications. She recently completed her Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine qualification.

“I genuinely enjoy what I do. When a critical case that you’ve been working on all night pulls through – it’s such an amazing feeling. It’s not always easy – most night shifts usually end up with me getting covered with all kinds of unmentionable things – but we’re a team and together we share the highs and the lows. It helps to see the funny side of things!”

Interested in working at Animal Trust? Visit our careers page for current vacancies.

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