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Treacle, a very friendly three-year-old Miniature Pincher, had a narrow escape recently after he managed to get hold of a packet of mouldy meat. He quickly took a turn for the worse and started having severe seizuresLuckily his owners realised quickly what had happened when they saw the evidence of the half-eaten packet! 

“He started fitting approximately one hour after he’d eaten the meat, and went downhill rapidly,” his owner, Donna, commented. “We took him to our local vet immediately, but we couldn’t afford the fees to treat him.” 

Treacle’s owner rushed Treacle to Animal Trust’s Ellesmere Port 24-hour surgery in the middle of the night. “They said they would try what they could, but it was touch and go,” explained Donna.

Ingestion of mouldy foods can cause?tremorgenic?mycotoxicosis, a sometimes severe and potentially deadly systemic?poisoning, in dogs

Treacle had to be put on five different medications to control his seizures and tremors and had to be kept sedated for over 15 hours. He was kept overnight as an inpatient in intensive care so that he could be monitored.

“We also gave him a solution to mop up the toxins from his bloodstream. Blood tests showed electrolyte imbalances, which were treated with fluid therapy during his three day stay with us,” said Vet Amber, who treated Treacle. 

Owner with dog
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The nurses and vets were amazing and updated us regularly on his condition. He kept fighting and after three days’ recuperation at Animal Trust’s Ellesmere Port hospital, he was out of the woods – against all odds,” she added.

“In those darkest of moments, they promised me that they would sit with him, hold him and speak to him through the night. And they did. They always go above and beyond. Always. Even when it’s just a check-up and definitely in this instance.

“Knowing that someone was with him when we couldn’t be, and there for him through the recovery process was such a comfort for me. I know I can always rely on Animal Trust.”

Vet Amber, commented: “Treacle has to be one of my favourite-ever patients and I’m delighted we were able to save him. We really didn’t think he was going to make it and we don’t see dogs with such severe poisoning very often.

If you have concerns that your pet might have eaten something harmful, contact your nearest Animal Trust surgery immediately. For more advice about what dogs can eat, take a look at our blog post.

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