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When in pain or discomfort, cats will often disguise that they are suffering. As their owner, this can make it difficult for you to understand what’s wrong, as unlike humans, they aren’t able to tell you how they are feeling.

There can be several reasons why your cat is in pain. Significant discomfort can be caused by many factors including problems with their teeth, arthritis, abdominal pain, injury, or your cat may have caught an infection. Cats can show visible signs of why they are in pain, where as some cats may not display any obvious symptoms at all.

Signs your cat is in pain

As a pet owner, you know your cat’s usual behaviour the most, which helps put you in a good position to identify whether your cat is in pain. For example, a change in your cat’s behaviour is a key indicator that they are experiencing discomfort.

To help you understand the warning signals displayed if your cat is in pain, read our advice on what symptoms to be aware of.

It would be rare for your cat to show all of these signs at once, and you may just notice one or two of these symptoms. If you suspect your cat is experiencing even the most subtle signs of being in pain, it is best to book an appointment with a vet to have them examined by an expert as soon as possible.

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How can I manage my cat’s pain?

Recognising whether your cat is experiencing any of these pain signals is the first step to helping them get on the road to being fit and healthy again. There are a range of medications which can help reduce these symptoms and many treatments don’t involve prescribing tablets.

If you are concerned about your pet being in severe discomfort, requiring emergency treatment, or have noticed a series of changes over a period of time and are worried that your cat may be in pain, contact your local Animal Trust surgery.

One of our friendly and experienced vets will happily examine them; our consultations are always free with you only paying for any medication or treatment your pet requires. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but it will help ensure your cat can live a full and pain-free life.

Concerned that your cat might be in pain? Register and book a free appointment today at Animal Trust.

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